Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Advice Mondays

Hello boys and girls, today we will be exploring the depths of the universe.
Just kidding, we're talking about leggings. For those of you who don't know:
Those are leggings. Simple enough.
Now, let us begin:
How To Wear Leggings:
Option 1:
And that's it. This is the ONLY ACCEPTABLE WAY TO WEAR LEGGINGS. THAT IS IT THAT IS IT THAT IS IT. Long shirt/dress, some sort of shoes. 

And now for comparison...
Example 1: 

Example 2: 
I just feel like this is self explanatory...

Example 3:
Just... Just no...

In conclusion...
Ladies, I am sick of seeing this. Either but on a pair of jeans or a long shirt, but do NOT wear your leggings like pants. They ARE NOT PANTS. ARE. NOT. PANTS. I don't wanna see anymore saggy buttcheeks or cameltoe. Understand?
<3 Kallie

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Party Vlog!

Hello boys and girls, it's Kallie! So we (meaning Matthew and I) attended a Halloween party tonight and we went as... *drumroll* Prince William and Kate Middleton with my sister accompanying as Pippa Middleton!
Please enjoy the copious amount of pictures and take them as an apology for the lack of podcasts. I say again, bite me. ;)

Retail Rants

Hey guys. So I work retail. I like my job a lot. I do not like, however, being cussed out by customers for doing my job. I beg of you, if you are going shopping somewhere, please be kind to the sales associates. We're only doing our job, and the last thing we need is your awful attitude. I'm serious, can it. And besides, the meaner you are to us, the less we care about your needs. Freaking annoying. So just keep your attitude to yourself. Also, when you bring Little Johnny into a store, make sure he doesn't FREAKING TIP OVER OUR ORGANISED PUT-BACK RACK. SERIOUSLY. ANNOYING. And then don't you DARE blame me for it. Control your child; We're not babysitters.
<3 Kallie

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Annoying Facebook Posts

Hi guys,

It's Thursday, which means that I need to share stories of things that I don't like about my college/ weird things that happen at my college. Which I will do with a recording. But, I would like to also share a different pet peeve of mine that doesn't have to do with college. It is people who continuously post their view on facebook with either a lot of posts, or with posts that have really awful and disturbing images. Here's what I mean:
It's alright to have views, even alright to express them, but if you do so with profane or disturbing imagery than I think that is going too far. Example: Supporters of stopping animal abuse don't need to put pictures of dogs that have huge, gaping wounds from abuse, or that are missing legs, etc. The same goes for supporters of pro-life, which it's fine for them to support that, but putting pictures that show an aborted fetus does not change the views of pro-choice supporters. Pro-choice supporters support choice, not necessarily the operation.

Another thing that annoys me is when people continuously post pictures and propaganda images on their wall (or on someone else's) on a regular or daily basis. Not only annoying, but it is also kind of sell-out-y. If you know what I mean. Facebook pages that are in support of businesses are usually avoided for the reason that they repetitively post promos and business events. If you consistently and more than once daily post propaganda images I can pretty confidently promise you that you will also be avoided because it is annoying.

Anyway here's an image I thought wrapped up my points well. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Donald Trump Is A Jerk

Firstly, watch this. Then come back.

Okay, now that you've watched it...
Donald Trump is an asshole, but not because of all the political stuff. I'm talking about the fact that he's HOLDING MONEY OVER THE HEAD OF A CHARITY AS A BRIBE. He's a complete loser and always has been, but this is such a low move it makes me kinda angry.
I don't know. Thoughts, Matthew?

Day Behind, Blame Me

Alright, we're a day behind. My fault, I had stuff I was doing yesterday. As opposed to Kallie Reads Craigslist, here's Matt's scary story segment that shoulda been up yesterday but wasn't.
Bite me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We're soo close....

Hi guys,

I just want to say that who ever tops us over 300 pageviews will be mentioned on our next post. Considering that  you are a human and not a robot. If you do put us over the 300 mark, write us a comment please.

Thank you,

Monday, October 22, 2012

Romney's Horses and Bayonets

Hi guys,

I just got done watching the third and final presidential debate. I must say that it was very good. I hope that many of you also got to see. It would be a shame if someone would have missed the many eloquent sayings of both candidates (Romney in particular). I just want to share, briefly, the saying that I found the funniest and also the most truthful. "We also have fewer horses and bayonets than we did in 1916, because the nature of our military has changed..." That quote, by far, was my favourite. Not only because it was witty by Obama, but also because it is true. Gone are the days in which we have to outnumber our enemies, now it is about outsmarting them, something I think we can do while still spending less on the military. After all, the military is the one sole thing that America spends most of its money on. Anyway, Kallie and I will be discussing this memorable debate on the next podcast and maybe we will even post more about our political ideas as the elections come nearer and nearer. It may be useful to have the opinion of two college kids with you when you vote.

Kallie's Advice Monday #1

Hello boys and girls! I won't be able to make an audio Advice Monday seeing as I am currently A.) At school, B.) Bogged down with midterms and C.) WAY TOO BUSY. Sorry, you'll have to read today, which I trust you all can do and if not, I'll try to teach you? Probably not but anyways.
So midterms for a lot of things are coming up and since we don't have enough listeners/readers to submit questions I have picked the topic of HOW TO PASS YOUR MIDTERMS as our advice today! So, how do you pass your midterms?
Study until your eyeballs bleed. And do not cram. I am a notorious crammer. It'll be the night before a big test and I'll just be buckling down and studying. You cannot do that. What you really need to do is set a half hour a day for two weeks before the test and just study. Go somewhere quiet, spread yourself out and study your notes. Make flashcards of vocab or things you need to memorise and sit back and study them. The most beneficial way for you to study is not cramming. Think ahead, plan accordingly. Study for ten minutes, then quiz yourself on the things you've just studied. Study for another ten minutes, quiz yourself again. Repeat process. The quizzes reinforce what you've just learned. My ninth grade math teacher said that after you've learned something for the first time, you have ten minutes to demonstrate your knowledge before you forget half of it, and I honestly think that's true. You need to reinforce what you've learned as soon as you've learned it.
Now, I'm gonna double back on what I said previously: Cramming is good. As long as you've studied beforehand as well... I.e. doing what I said up there and then cramming again the night before. It's always good to top of the knowledge. ;)
Now the generics: Eat breakfast, blahblahblah, sleep, blahblahblah, don't stress, blahblahblah, deep breaths. Everyone knows that stuff.
Well I'm going to go do some more studying for my midterm which is... Wednesday? Yeah, Wednesday. Talk to you all soon!

Things to do

Hi guys, 

Matthew here. I just wanted to make a quick post for today. Here are five random things that you can do for free, as long as you have the internet. I just thought that they would be a fun little things to do if you were bored. Also, if you feel so inclined to tell us about one of these things that you did, we would be more than happy to hear. Keep in mind that these are voluntary, we are in no way responsible for trouble that you get in. We did not make you do it, these are just inspirational.

1. Hug a stop sign or signal light. Don't let go for anything, pretend that it is your long lost love. See people's reactions.
2. Go around saying that you are Kermit the Frog, also saying, "It's not easy being green."

3. The next test you take, yell, or audibly say wrong answers for every question

4. Take off all the labels from all your mother's, canned goods. Make sure to apologise afterwards.
5. Follow this blog. Why not? It's a great blog.

We've hit 200 page views!

Hi guys,
This is Matt. I cannot believe it, but we have broke 200 page views!!! I'm probably more excited than anybody else, after all 200 is only 200, but I can't help but feel that we will soon be getting 10x that number. Anyway, thanks. I'm so happy!!


Psych Papers

Hey guys,

Life update: My least favourite thing to do is evaluate my peers' psychology papers in college. In particular because they are so bad. I just wanted to share that tidbit of info with you. I also want to briefly talk about what makes a good and bad paper.

1. Spelling
Especially in college, spelling things incorrectly is a huge deduction that I hope all of my psych classmates get. Seriously, I've never seen worse spelling errors in my life than when I have to evaluate psych papers.

2. Examples
If your paper is going to have examples, or if the criteria of the paper requires you to provide examples, make sure that they are relatable and concise. You do not want to be grasping at straws with a terrible example of a concept that no one understands.

3. Tone
The tone of a paper is often overlooked as a basis for a good paper, but it is many times what makes a paper great. This is because people don't often think that they are judging the paper on its tone, but they are. I would even argue that there is no more judged aspect of any paper than tone. One way to improve overall tone is stay out of first and second person tenses. Don't tell me what to do in your paper, and don't tell me what you do. "If you would like to train your dog to jump through a hoop, here's what I suggest you do." This is an example of the apocryphal thing that too many do. Using two tenses, "I", and "You" is a sure way to fail many college essays.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be sharing with you a scary story.

Podcastin' thoughts

Matt and I tried a different format today as far as recording goes... We don't live in the same town so it's mildy difficult to get clear recordings over Skype (we use skype to talk, garageband to record and my lovely Mac to edit). So today we both downloaded Audacity and recorded our halves of the conversations and I'm not receiving his via a download. We will then edit it over each other. We're gonna see how this goes--HOPEFULLY IT'S A WIN! :)

About Matt

Hello all,
I suppose, since it is many days after Kallie posted her description, that it is time for me to post mine. So here goes. I'm Matthew, a friend of Kallie's, when I'm not at college or doing homework, I like to record podcasts, watch YouTube subscriptions, and read. I look forward to doing this podcast and blog and hearing from our followers. Just to let you know, there will be a general schedule of daily segments that I will publish later this week, perhaps Monday. Both Kallie and I will be responsible for recording short segments that will be published frequently as well as a larger podcast-y production near the end of the week. Also, like Kallie 'I got opinions!'

Podcast #1

Our first podcast, complete with bad driving stories, scary bowling alleys, annoying political signs, ghettos and more!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Best Friend Tag

So here's a little insight of Matt and I being ourselves. This is an older video.

It's the best friend tag. If you surf around my channel a bit there's also a video of Matt doing my makeup. Because we do things like that.


About Kallie

Hello boys and girls! :)
This is Kallie, I'm the female of the show! I'm seventeen and I'm pretty much a hipster. Just saying. I dig my hipster glasses. I play the flute and piccolo, I do photography and I write. I've got three sisters, no brothers and I'm the oldest. I'm currently a full-time post secondary student. Meaning I get free college through high school. Awww yeah.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hello World Part 2!

Hello world,
This is the other half of the brilliant Matthew and Kallie show. Indeed it is Matthew. Just wanted to say hi and introduce you to this site.

So welcome! We hope that you enjoy our content.

Hello World!

Hello boys and girls! This is Kallie, the female counterpart of the show! Matthew went to bed because he's got school tomorrow!

I just thought I'd give you fair warning of this blog! There will be podcasts, photos, texts, life updates and the occasional video. Some of the stuff we talk about is controversial. You might find some stuff boring. But it's okay, we will still love you all the same!

Thanks!! <3