Saturday, October 27, 2012

Retail Rants

Hey guys. So I work retail. I like my job a lot. I do not like, however, being cussed out by customers for doing my job. I beg of you, if you are going shopping somewhere, please be kind to the sales associates. We're only doing our job, and the last thing we need is your awful attitude. I'm serious, can it. And besides, the meaner you are to us, the less we care about your needs. Freaking annoying. So just keep your attitude to yourself. Also, when you bring Little Johnny into a store, make sure he doesn't FREAKING TIP OVER OUR ORGANISED PUT-BACK RACK. SERIOUSLY. ANNOYING. And then don't you DARE blame me for it. Control your child; We're not babysitters.
<3 Kallie

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