Thursday, October 25, 2012

Annoying Facebook Posts

Hi guys,

It's Thursday, which means that I need to share stories of things that I don't like about my college/ weird things that happen at my college. Which I will do with a recording. But, I would like to also share a different pet peeve of mine that doesn't have to do with college. It is people who continuously post their view on facebook with either a lot of posts, or with posts that have really awful and disturbing images. Here's what I mean:
It's alright to have views, even alright to express them, but if you do so with profane or disturbing imagery than I think that is going too far. Example: Supporters of stopping animal abuse don't need to put pictures of dogs that have huge, gaping wounds from abuse, or that are missing legs, etc. The same goes for supporters of pro-life, which it's fine for them to support that, but putting pictures that show an aborted fetus does not change the views of pro-choice supporters. Pro-choice supporters support choice, not necessarily the operation.

Another thing that annoys me is when people continuously post pictures and propaganda images on their wall (or on someone else's) on a regular or daily basis. Not only annoying, but it is also kind of sell-out-y. If you know what I mean. Facebook pages that are in support of businesses are usually avoided for the reason that they repetitively post promos and business events. If you consistently and more than once daily post propaganda images I can pretty confidently promise you that you will also be avoided because it is annoying.

Anyway here's an image I thought wrapped up my points well. 

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