Monday, October 22, 2012

Kallie's Advice Monday #1

Hello boys and girls! I won't be able to make an audio Advice Monday seeing as I am currently A.) At school, B.) Bogged down with midterms and C.) WAY TOO BUSY. Sorry, you'll have to read today, which I trust you all can do and if not, I'll try to teach you? Probably not but anyways.
So midterms for a lot of things are coming up and since we don't have enough listeners/readers to submit questions I have picked the topic of HOW TO PASS YOUR MIDTERMS as our advice today! So, how do you pass your midterms?
Study until your eyeballs bleed. And do not cram. I am a notorious crammer. It'll be the night before a big test and I'll just be buckling down and studying. You cannot do that. What you really need to do is set a half hour a day for two weeks before the test and just study. Go somewhere quiet, spread yourself out and study your notes. Make flashcards of vocab or things you need to memorise and sit back and study them. The most beneficial way for you to study is not cramming. Think ahead, plan accordingly. Study for ten minutes, then quiz yourself on the things you've just studied. Study for another ten minutes, quiz yourself again. Repeat process. The quizzes reinforce what you've just learned. My ninth grade math teacher said that after you've learned something for the first time, you have ten minutes to demonstrate your knowledge before you forget half of it, and I honestly think that's true. You need to reinforce what you've learned as soon as you've learned it.
Now, I'm gonna double back on what I said previously: Cramming is good. As long as you've studied beforehand as well... I.e. doing what I said up there and then cramming again the night before. It's always good to top of the knowledge. ;)
Now the generics: Eat breakfast, blahblahblah, sleep, blahblahblah, don't stress, blahblahblah, deep breaths. Everyone knows that stuff.
Well I'm going to go do some more studying for my midterm which is... Wednesday? Yeah, Wednesday. Talk to you all soon!

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