Monday, December 17, 2012

Special Edition of Kallie Ranting

Hello boys and girls, welcome to a special edition of Kallie's rants.

Gentlemen: If you're dating this girl and you claim to love her a lot, DO NOT DUMP HER BY DELETING HER ON FACEBOOK. If you have the balls to say you love her, you have the balls to dump her to her face, or even over the phone, or even text. Just as long as it's direct and not all "beating around the bush" we don't really care. But when you delete us on facebook, we can't be responsible for how mad or upset we get. Because we could be mad enough to tell everyone about it. And then you look like a toolbox. Because you are.

Ladies: If a guy dumps you via some sort of social network in an indirect fashion, he was an asshole to begin with and really isn't worth your time. But that doesn't mean we won't be unbelievably angry. Which we are. Because seriously, grow a pair, man up and dump her using the words, "I think we should break up." But ladies, the same also applies to you. Don't dump your boyfriend in some stupid indirect fashion. Because even if they don't let on, it still hurts their feelings. Let's not be feeling hurts *sarcasm*.

If you guys couldn't tell, I just got dumped over facebook. Yeah. We had a slight argument today, but he was all like, "I still love you blah blah blah." and I was like, "Yeah we're all good now blah blah blah love and stuff." and then he ditched me after school. I come home and he has deleted me on facebook and posted a status about how crazy girls are. I'm not low so I'm not going to do something stupid like post a status about him. I just blocked him and I intend to go one with my life, but SERIOUSLY?! After three months you could at least have the decency to say it to my face. I'm not saying three months is forever but it's long enough to have to not be a jerk about it. Honestly I expected more from this guy. He actually was a nice guy to me and very understanding and caring until he wasn't, and then he just turned into a douche. I'm not gonna waste a lot of time being upset about this. If he's gonna break up with me by doing that, he's not worth being upset over. No guy is worth being upset over. So I'll go to school tomorrow and face him and not even bat an eyelash because he's not worth my time.

Okay my rant is over now. I feel better. I am now going to go study for finals!

Much love. <3

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