Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Story Of How Matt Was An Accessory To The Death of My Camera

Hello all! :) Today I'm going to tell you about how Matt inadvertently killed my camera!
We were at our state fair and Matt was like, "OMG WE HAVE TO GO ON THIS SUPER AWESOME RIDE!!!" So this ride is a water ride, but you never get wet. You just sit in little boats and go through some boring tunnels.
So as we get on this ride, Crystal and I have our phones/cameras in our pockets with Matthew's assurance that we would never get wet.
Oh how wrong he was.
So in the middle of this tunnel, our boat stops and we get rammed from behind. After that we kept moving along... Until we got to the part where the boat went up a little conveyer belt hill.
And then the water came flooding in the back. Now we were kinda stuck under an arch. The front half of the boat was out, and Crystal and I were like trapped in the back. So the water comes rushing in and Crystal and I instantaneously jump up because OUR ELECTRONICS!!! The ride officials started screaming at us to sit down and I believe the words out of my mouth were, "Hell no, get me off this thing!" or something like that. So they yell at us to sit down and that's when I noticed my entire lower half was soaked in dyed blue water. Then all of a sudden we were quite literally manhandled out of there.
Long story short, my phone and most important my camera were screwed, I cried for a while, demanded a refund and now I am camera-less.

So Matt... You're technically an accessory to murder.

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  1. What a memorable experience, I shall never forget that ride on Ye Olde Mill.