Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Donald Trump Is A Jerk

Firstly, watch this. Then come back.

Okay, now that you've watched it...
Donald Trump is an asshole, but not because of all the political stuff. I'm talking about the fact that he's HOLDING MONEY OVER THE HEAD OF A CHARITY AS A BRIBE. He's a complete loser and always has been, but this is such a low move it makes me kinda angry.
I don't know. Thoughts, Matthew?

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  1. Matt's comments of Donald Trump's Bribe:
    I think that bribing the President with a charity donation is the lowest display of power that I can think of. I would also like to remind everyone that Donald Trump was a potential nominee to the republican party, anyone else remember? You should then also remember that he was not considered because he refused to divulge his personal finances. Somewhere in this I sense to hypocrisy...
    Also, to think that Donald Trump has the power to bribe the President in this way, I find weak. If he was absolutely doubtful I feel that he should consult the President, or the office of, privately. He needs to respect the President, after all, he runs the country in which Donald resides. His inflated ego certainly makes him disliked by many. Anyone else have any thoughts